Accelerate Small Businesses in Mesa by Backing K’é

Pamela Slim is an author, small business coach, and speaker with 20 years of business experience. She’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs learn to build entrepreneurial communities in 25 cities across North America. Now she’s helping her hometown, Mesa, by launching K’é.


“[Last year] I connected with amazing groups of business owners who were building great things in their local communities, from Los Angeles to Fargo, from Chicago to Washington, D.C.. After that energizing experience, I came home, reflected on my own small business community here in Mesa, and suddenly thought, ‘What am I doing to support and supercharge my own community? If I did that, imagine how many new ideas, practices and inspiration I would get that I could share with my broader small business ecosystem around the world!’” Pamela says of her entrepreneurial inspiration on K’é’s Indiegogo page. Thus came her idea to open a welcoming, vibrant, small business community space in Mesa.

“I named it “K’é” (pronounced “keh”), which in my husband’s Diné (Navajo) language means ‘system of kinship,’” Pamela says. “It is the feeling you have when you are deeply connected to others, you feel your kinship, and you treat each other as family.”

Pamela plans on hosting workshops, talks, training programs, community events, and more at her small business space. She also hopes to build highly engaging virtual training programs for entrepreneurs around the world. But she can’t fulfill either of those goals until she reaches her $30,000 goal on an Indiegogo campaign that ends next month.

The $30,000 will allow Pamela to turn what was once just a storefront into a dynamic workspace and community center for small business owners. She’ll need to purchase furniture, kitchen equipment, and audio-visual tech, as well as complete minor construction and renovation inside. Backers can look forward to receiving Pamela’s digital playbook, How to Create a Gigantic Customer Magnet, a group coaching call, free live or virtual classes, and/or private coaching in return for their donations. Of course, they’ll also receive the best reward of all—knowing they’ve helped to nurture an entrepreneurial community in a robust Arizona town.


Check out Pamela Slim’s K’é Indiegogo campaign and consider backing her amazing project today.

Adam Toren

Author: Adam Toren

Adam Toren is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, advisor and co-founder of He is co-author, with his brother Matthew, of Kidpreneurs and Small Business, BIG Vision: Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful feature! I am so excited to be in downtown Mesa. I see so much potential for collaboration, incubation, and the sharing of resources and ideas so we grow our local startup scene.

    We are hosting an open house on August 13 from 3-6pm. I would love to see everyone there for some fresh local cookies and ice cream sandwiches!

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