5 Awesome Medical Tech Startups from Arizona

With two of the best nursing schools in the southwest, it’s no surprise Arizona is home to several medical tech startups that are gradually revolutionizing both industries. These five products, websites, and apps provide patients with a fresh perspective on the world of medicine. NeoLight In 2014, Arizona State University graduates Chase, Deepak, Siva, and Vivek learned of the staggering 219 infant deaths that occur in Africa daily...

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How ASU’s LiveSafe App is Helping to Protect Students

LiveSafe, “born from a spirit of triumph over tragedy,” allows for full customization to suit the needs of various colleges, businesses, and non-profits nationwide. Here’s how Arizona State University is using the advanced mobile application to help protect students, teachers, and faculty on all four major ASU campuses. Background After the devastating shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007, survivor Kristina Anderson and past assault...

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