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Nextiva - Why Work With Us?

Nextiva has grown tremendously since acquiring our first customer in 2008.  We currently serve over 100,000 businesses and have been named the fastest growing telecom company in North America.  In Arizona we are the fastest growing technology company and the 3rd largest telecom company!  The communication products we offer are quickly becoming the most sought after tools for businesses everywhere.  There have only been a few revolutions in the history of business communications, and Nextiva is in a position to create the next one!  We have an Amazing culture that is supportive and collaborative, focused on employee development and growth. We look for individuals that can provide Amazing Service, not just to our customers, but to each other as well.   


Sales Manager Position Description:

This role is about motivating Account Executives to achieve the highest results possible. While this is a results driven job, you must be able to determine what activities lead to the desired results, and then formulate a course of action to meet those activities and in turn achieve the desired results. A successful Sales Manager must understand how to motivate and mentor each and every individual on his or her team. No two Account Executives are created equally and it is the Sales Manager's job to fully grasp the best way to develop each individual to complete tasks, activities and procedures so they can achieve the proper results. The most important thing that any successful Sales Manager must have is an un-paralleled commitment to excellence and high desire to always improve.  This role for the time being will report directly to the Vice President of Sales (this may change in the future).


Sales Manager Responsibilities:

  • Results-Oriented:  Meet and exceed assigned monthly, quarterly and annual sales revenue and productivity targets assigned.

  • Customer Experience:  Ensure consistent delivery of ‘Amazing Service’.  It starts with the initial contact with Nextiva.  Impart accurate information within team, ensure setting of realistic customer expectations and take responsibility for quick and effective hand-offs with other Nextiva teams (Onboarding, Support, etc).

  • Staffing:  Accepts responsibility for the monthly revenue production of the sales headcount assigned.  In the event of turnover, Sales Managers understands that replacement personnel must already be hired, trained and ready to perform.

  • AE Development:  Monitor and track Account Executive individual performance, strengths and areas of opportunity, and be able to clearly communicate evaluations and execute developmental steps (Performance Improvement Plans).  Coach, develop, and mentor Account Executives to drive continuous improvement in sales skills and product knowledge. 

  • Manage Activities:  Ensure activity standards are being delivered per Account Executives.  Demonstrate clear ability to correlate activity standards with Business Results.  Ensure use of and accuracy of metrics.

  • Role Model and Coach:  A Sales Manager must be the most effective and skilled sales resource on the team.  Ability to teach sales skills and track record of exceeding annual sales objectives are fundamental requirements. Sales Manager must be an exceptional representation of professionalism at all times.

  • Collaboration:  Work with other Nextiva business functions to improve ability to improve return on marketing spend, evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing spend, ensure effective customer hand-offs to Support function and improve the effectiveness of cross-functional processes.

  • Training:  Work with Nextiva Manager of Sales Training to identify, prepare and execute incremental sales skills or product training in order to improve close ratios and increase productivity.

  • Forecasting:  Must be able to confidently predict daily/monthly/quarterly/annual sales bookings utilizing pipeline management for each Account Executive.  Must commit and take responsibility for the accuracy and achievement of the sales forecast. Must be able to accurately forecast within 10% of actual result.

  • Reporting:  Verify daily results, productivity measures, and assist with commission tracking.

  • Process Improvement:  Interface with various groups within Nextiva to help improve the overall sales process as well as drive the strategic initiatives of the Sales group.

  • Communication:  Meets with each Account Executive individually for at least 1 hour monthly to review previous month’s results, lessons learned and areas for improvement.  Uses this opportunity to coach Account Executives to increase results for next 30 days.  Executes daily standup meetings and 1 monthly team meeting to review overall success.

  • Recognition & Reward:  Candidate expected to understand the motivations and goals of each Account Executive assigned.  Sales Managers demonstrates understanding of how to motivate employees for their reasons and understanding of how to manage a recognition and reward program for their team.

  • Performance Management:  Coach lowest performers for improvement and replace those that do not respond.

  • Directly Involved:  Recognizes that leadership is through doing.  Spends majority of time on calls with Account Executives identifying areas of opportunity and coaching.

  • Spirit of Intent:  Understanding of the essential role of Management is to deliver business results through people.  Sales Managers must understand that Account Executives are their customer and their responsibility.  Sales Manager understands the responsibility of knowing and demonstrating the key values of Nextiva in everything that he/she does.

  • Continuous Improvement: Sales Manager must take responsibility for their own personal growth and development. He/She should never settle for the performance of each day, and continuously look for areas of opportunity on how to improve.

  • Professionalism: Sales Managers are expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism imaginable. At no point should a Sales Manager's integrity or behavior be called into question. This pertains to the way he/she communicates while on sales floor or in closed room with Account Executives. Emotional Intelligence: Sales Manager must have the ability to demonstrate a “cool head” at all times. Regardless of the performance of the day or a specific individual, the Sales Manager must be able to overcome obstacles without negatively impacting the morale of any person on the sales floor.


Sales Manager Position Requirements:

  • 2+ years of high performance Inside Sales Management experience in a SaaS, Networking, Hosting, Cloud Telecommunications environment.

  • 4+ years of high performance Inside Sales individual contributor performance in a SaaS, Networking, Hosting, Cloud or Telecommunications environment.

  • Proven track record of achieving measurable business results goals in a high transaction Sales environment.  Must demonstrate history of quantifiable success.

  • Proven track ability to understand and act on information contained within a daily, metric-intense organization.

  • Experience in creating constructive working relationships amongst departments.

  • Experience in a fast-paced, high growth business environment.

  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, written and organization skills.

  • Proficient in, MS Word, MS Excel.

  • Sales team hours can start as early as 5AM for the East Coast and as late as 9AM for the West Coast. Sales Manager may be required to be “on call” from time to time before or after Sales Manager’s core hours to assist their teams.

Company: Nextiva
Location: Scottsdale AZ

Salary:55,000 - 55,000 Year

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