The Best Coffee Shops in Scottsdale for Getting Stuff Done


Scottsdale is full of luxurious coffee shops and book bars, but only a few cultivate the comfortable and friendly atmosphere one needs to maximize productivity. These five cafés are great for when you need to meet with coworkers, work on a special project, or switch up the office atmosphere.

Sip Coffee & Beer House

Sounds a little edgier than your typical café, doesn’t it? Don’t let the name fool you; Sip Coffee & Beer House maintains the same vintage-chic décor expected of most cafes, but keeps a clean list of craft beers on tap for those who are looking to wind down after work. For the early bird or anyone just clocking in, Sip offers a cozy, comfortable vibe, a bright patio, and a menu full of tasty espresso beverages, plus a ton of outlets along the wall and under the coffee bar. Work late on Wednesday evenings to reserve your spot for Sip’s weekly Open Mic Night—it may just spark the creative spirit inside you.

Maverick Coffee

Hidden away in an unsuspecting strip mall, Maverick Coffee’s semi-industrial atmosphere helps you get down to work even on your toughest days. Their smooth, California-roasted coffee is the perfect kick-start to your workday, and their full breakfast and lunch menus keep your train of thought chugging away. Locals describe Maverick as the perfect place to read, study, or catch up with colleagues under warm lighting and the helpful guise of a friendly staff. Conducting an interview or a meeting? Maverick offers a small conference room to those who need a more secluded place to connect. Workaholics with furry friends are welcome to bring them along while they take care of business—Maverick is known for welcoming pups of all types onto their patio and into their shop.

Press Coffee

Passion and productivity unite at Press Coffee. With four Valley locations, Press is proud of their ability to deliver a pleasant place to work while bringing high-quality coffee to the community. The calm, relaxing atmosphere at Press’s Scottsdale location makes studying and work a breeze. Need a little sunshine to wake you up? Their Tempe location, just below the Scottsdale-Tempe border, offers wide, sunny windows and a bright interior right across from Tempe Town Lake. At the Sky Harbor Airport and looking to check off your to-do list before your flight? Press has a mini-café at Terminal 4 for busy jet-setters in search of a smooth buzz.

Boss Coffee

With quilted chairs, soft Edison lights, and dark walls, Boss Coffee feels a bit like a coffee-centered 1920s speakeasy. This café comes with a gorgeous view of the desert—perfect for setting a relaxing scene and relieving work-related stress—and a beautiful, air-conditioned space from which to see it. Should you need a private table or a wide-open social spot, Boss has it all—complete with plentiful outlets in every nook and cranny. Whether you are your own boss or you work for one, Boss Coffee is a unique (yet fantastic) place to get stuff done.

Village Coffee

According to their website, Village Coffee “celebrates diversity [and encourages] free thought and the exchange of ideas.” Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? At Village, creativity is the highest of virtues, art is a necessity, and music is more than just something to fill the background. (But don’t worry—it isn’t so loud there that you’re unable to think.) This café is a prime spot to collaborate with others or practice thoughtful innovation. When you’re facing writer’s block or need an extra push, Village is the place to go.

A coffee shop doesn’t have to carry all the glitz and glamour of what we see in Scottsdale—though a few of these certainly might. What’s your go-to café for when you need a change of atmosphere?


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