Local HTF Expo combines health and technology

    Medical Tech Startups

    The advancement of technology in the healthcare world is constantly evolving. Whether it’s advances in prosthetics, tooth regeneration, or the fact that you can actually video chat with a doctor in mere seconds, you never know what’s on the horizon. What all these innovations have in common are passionate and committed minds behind them, and those are the two qualities that have the ability to change the healthcare world forever.

    The annual Health Technology Forum’s expo is being held Wednesday, Mar 1, 2017. This is an expo that is held all over the world, including in Los Angeles, London, Bangalore, and New York City, however, this will be the first time that a chapter is being held in Phoenix. The HTF Expo’s goal is to bring together the best and brightest minds in the healthcare ecosystem under one roof for a day of networking and exchange of ideas. Featured at the event will be several companies demonstrating their innovative technology.

    Phoenix’s first HTF Expo

    Co-Organizer Abhilash Chavala spoke about the first HTF expo being held in Phoenix.  “The Expo is focused on healthcare startups—to bring the community together. Expect to meet people from all areas of the healthcare ecosystem, from major healthcare providers to small start-ups, plus investors, technologists, and people passionate about improving health.,” Chavala said.

    According to Chavala, the startup companies vary on the type of technologies that will be featured at this year’s expo; he described just a few of them. “Medtexter is a startup whose goal is empower patients to manage and remember to take their medications on time. When they forget, Medtexter engages them, their family members, and their healthcare providers, to prevent unnecessary healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.”

    Another startup that will be featured is Genteract. This company is focused on helping patients to consider their options before spending too much money on their prescriptions – a new approach to paying for medicine. “This is a unique service that allows people… to find new and inexpensive non-prescription treatments to help them,” Chavala said.

    Also included is a company focused on preventing Type 2 diabetes for people at high risk, a company that empowers businesses to leverage automation techniques to improve their bottom line, and a wellness technology startup aiming on building a platform to help facilitate the digital health revolution. All of these will be available to check out at the event according to Chavala.

    Where to find the HTF Expo

    The Barrow Neurological Institute’s Sonntag Pavilion, where the expo is held, is located in central Phoenix. Guests are encouraged to mingle, exchange business cards, and take advantage of the snacks and drinks provided. For more information, including the event’s schedule, and parking information, you can visit their website.

    For those who wish to become a part of the HTF Expo, and have the opportunity to share a product or service this large platform, simply contact the committee. Your product idea just might be the next great innovation to change healthcare for the better.


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