The Best Coffee Shops in Tucson for Getting Stuff Done


Why take care of business at a hotel or a stuffy office when you could enjoy a delicious cup of joe while you work? These coffee shops provide the perfect atmosphere for productivity (and free Wi-Fi), just for the meager cost of a drink or a small pastry.

One of Tucson’s favorite coffee shops overall, Sparkroot provides the ideal environment for nearly every activity, including people-watching, studying, relaxing, and working. The café’s sky-high ceilings and stylish loft allow for plenty of bright thinkspace, while the reclaimed wood on their walls and bar help to create a cozy atmosphere. Many of Sparkroot’s patrons claim the café as their “second office,” where they work for half the day or more. That alone is reason enough to give it a try!

Black Crown Coffee Company
With its antique-grunge interior and somewhat limited parking, Black Crown Coffee Co doesn’t seem at first like the ultimate place to get stuff done. However, this renovated house is home to more than just a good cup: its bottom floor contains regular tables and an e-bar where you can tap away at your laptop, while the top floor holds cozy couches and board games for leisure and relaxation. If it isn’t particularly busy, you’ll have no problem finding an outlet to power your devices—and their cool, indie-rock music will be easily heard in the background.

Crave Coffee Bar
Crave Coffee Bar is the perfect place to go when you seek a quiet, professional atmosphere. Though they’re locally known for pulling a delicious shot of espresso, Crave is also regarded throughout the community as a great spot to study, work, or re-read your favorite book. The café’s size (which previously left much to be desired) has recently doubled, allowing for extra seating and a full-size coffee bar. Crave’s delectable specialty drinks provide even the busiest of workers the extra energy boost necessary to get stuff done. Keep in mind, however, that this may not be the best place to conduct an interview or a meeting—Crave’s patrons keep their conversations to a quiet murmur to preserve the café’s professionalism and serenity.

Exo Roast Co
Exo’s wide windows and trendy, hipster-industrial interior make it a comfortable yet stylish place to work. It’s frequently utilized by University of Arizona students looking for a hip place to study, but rest assured that it’s still a fantastic spot for putting in a few extra hours or meeting with colleagues. Exo’s fast service makes it easy to focus on business while the perfect cup is brewed in the background, and their music is quiet (played through an antique record player), which helps to sustain workers’ trains of thought. Exo’s cast-iron roaster fills the café with the rich aroma of coffee, too, which in and of itself provides its own little buzz.

Cartel Coffee Lab
With locations in Tucson, Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, Cartel Coffee Lab is a familiar spot for professionals who frequently travel within Arizona’s limits. Cartel shares that increasingly popular hipster-industrial vibe with places like Exo; both use old office and manufacturing buildings as roasting and retail spaces. Though their menu is limited, their workspace is not—Cartel is home to both individual tables and communal workspaces (like bars and benches) where guests can work solo or collaborate with colleagues. Each location is relatively quiet but friendly and upbeat, making it a great place to get stuff done.

The coffee scene continues to provide fantastic workspaces for students and professionals from all industries—especially in bigger cities like Tucson. Where do you like to grab a cup and get stuff done?


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