Even if you have elaborate meal plans and trainer-guided workout sessions, it’ll take hard work, perseverance, and commitment to maintain the lifestyle you desire. Fortunately, there are many health and fitness apps you can use to help you along the journey. In a world where everything seems to be automated, talk about self-driving cars, keeping on the move is essential to health.

We went ahead to find the best health apps that’ll give you customized plans to help you track your progress regarding workouts, nutritional regimens, and overall wellness. You shouldn’t beat yourself if you fall off the wagon a couple of times, but with the right support from features on health fitness apps, you will achieve ultimate wellness.

1. SleepCycle App

Best Health Apps for Overall Health
Best Health Apps for Overall Health

SleepCycle is one of the best health tracking apps available for mobile phones. Sleep is essential to life-long health, and if you don’t get enough of it each night, you will likely experience the effects. It may take longer to heal and repair blood and heart vessels, balance hormones, or even maintain proper blood sugar levels.

SleepCycle helps you keep a record of vital factors such as your heart rate while asleep and your sleep quality. The most singular difference between this app and other sleep apps is that it’ll wake you up in the morning when you’re in your lightest phase. It, therefore, ensures that you’re ready to venture out into the day while well-rested, especially if you’re a video game developer looking out for your health.

Available both on iOS and Android.

2. Charity Miles App

This is the best health apps for iPhone that you can also download on your android devices, this is it. This is a motivational app that’ll improve your overall health as you enjoy the perks of giving to a cause. To put it simply, the more you move, the more impact you create.

For each mile you conquer, whether you’re cycling, running, or walking, the app helps you decide on a charity of your choice that earns money as you exercise. Don’t worry; you won’t have to make a personal donation as corporate sponsors have already taken care of the funds.

Available on both IOS and Android.

3. Fooducate App

With this app, you’re going to have an easy time maintaining a balanced diet that includes a lot of water for health. It’s got built-in resources that educate you about grocery store items you want to buy. The app is also scanner-enabled and allows you to scan more than 250,000 barcodes to learn about the benefits or disadvantages of a product and its nutritional info. It will also give you healthier options for different products.

Available on both iOS and Android.

4. Headspace App

Best Health Apps for Overall Health: Headspace
Best Health Apps for Overall Health: Headspace

Where wellness is concerned, you’ve got to consider much more than elaborate meal plans and routine workouts. Meditation will help you elevate your mood and manage stress, especially if you’ve been spending lots of time on fantasy golf instead of exercising for health. This healthy lifestyle app gives you many suggestions for timed meditation periods that’ll help you beat the jitters, improve your shuteye, and control mental pressure.

Available on both Android and iOS

5. MyFitnessPal App

This is one of the best health apps for overall health. It will help you track your nutritional intake. It has an in-built food diary that’s easy to use and has loads of info on the nutritional benefits of a wide range of foods, including take-outs or sit-in meals at your favorite establishment. Depending on your fitness goals to maintain your current weight or lose a pound or two, MyFitnessPal will give you insight on what you’re consuming. You can even use this health app at your favorite coffee house.

Available on both Android and iOS