If you’re reading this, then chances are, you have already researched the ethereum and the profitability of mining ethereum. So, we won’t cover that information and we’ll dive straight into building an ethereum mining rig for maximum profits.

An ethereum mining rig is just like any other computer that you’re most likely familiar with. However, instead of having an actual case that all the components live in, it’s in an open area and usually, has very limited components. In this article, we’re going to go over building an ethereum mining rig using 8 GPU’s. Don’t worry, if you have less, just do the math on building an ethereum mining rig with less.

Choosing the right hardware is important when building a universal mining rig. So, let’s look at some good advice on how to build an ethereum mining rig, the right way.

We’re going to build an ethereum mining rig using eight NVIDIA or AMD graphic cards. We consider eight as the perfect number for this rig because Windows works seamlessly with 8 GPUs, and a motherboard with slots for 8 GPUs is affordable.

There are motherboards available with slots for up to 13 cards, but they are more expensive. Additionally, you will have to install Linux to use this motherboard, so we recommend only 8 GPUs.

NVIDIA GPUs are more flexible and will give you great results on multiple mining algorithms. Ethash coins such as Ethereum work best with AMD GPUs. Ethereum DAG file is in a state of perpetual growth, so 8GB or more of memory on the GPUs is highly recommended.

How To Build An Ethereum Mining Rig
How To Build An Ethereum Mining Rig

DYW Way: Follow this videoWhen choosing your video cards, compare the quality-price ratio. A good option for beginners is NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti. The cards are universal, and there are a lot of brands you can choose from. They’ll work on different algorithms such as BeamHash, MTP, Equihash 144.5, Ethash, and Cockoo.

AMD GPUs are best for CryptoNight mining. NVIDIA and AMD GPU’s shouldn’t be combined on the same rig. If you choose NVIDIA, only buy 8 NVIDIA GPU’s. If you go for AMD, buy 8 AMD GPUs. Note that NVIDIA 1060 3GB isn’t so popular nowadays.

Building an 8 GUP Etherum Mining Rig

8 GPU Rig Frame: This should cost anywhere from $70 to $215. If you can’t get someone to build it for you, get to the nearest hardware store and make it a DIY project.

Easiest Way: Order one from Amazon

Do it Your Self Way: Follow this video

Motherboard: You will need a GIGABYTE B365 HD3. Prices start from $85. Order one from eBay/Amazon or buy from your nearest computer store. Don’t buy one that’s used already. B365 has enough slots for two M2’s and six GPUs. In this case, the M2 slots are used to add the 2 additional GPUs (using M2 to PCI-e) which will bring the total to 8 GPUs.

CPU: You don’t need much with a processor but you need one that has all the functions. It should cost you around $65. You can always choose a cheap processor that includes an LGA1151 socket. This will work perfectly fine for mining. It is our recommendation that you get the “box” edition since it comes with a fan and a lengthier warranty period.

Our preferred CPU from Amazon:

The cheapest version of Celeron will not be sufficient for the MTP algorithm since it calls for a better CPU. If you want to add mining CryptoNight to your GPU mining, consider buying a better CPU.

Hard Drive: costs $20. Consider SSD. It’s got a higher operation speed and faster boot time. 60GB SSD is ok but to be sure, get 80GB SSD. SSD size doesn’t matter if you run Linux mining like RaveOS.

DDR4 RAM: You only need one, and this one is extremely dependable.

Power supply units: We love EVGA GQ 1000 GOLD 1000W. This will easily have enough power for all 8 GPU’ts. You’ll need two of them.

Get them on Amazon here (if they are in stock):

Powered PCIe Risers: You’ll need 6-8 Powered PCIe Riser. We found a great package on Amazon.

M2 To PCI Adapters: total cost is $9 for the two adapters you’ll need on one rig. These are made in China and can have issues sometimes. Some batches may turn out fine, while some may be problematic.

Display Emulator (HDMI To VGA Adaptor): It will cost you $7. Without the display emulator, you will not achieve the best screen resolution in TeamViewer. If you use Linux mining distro, you will not need this item.

Dual Power Supply Adaptor: this item costs $10, and you will need two of them for one rig. Ours came with cables. You can always use the old paper clip trick. That doesn’t cost anything. There is also the option of powering all your GPUs with one powerful Chinese PSU, then you won’t need adaptors.

Power Button: We need to be able to turn this on. All you need is this power switch that costs under $5.

You can get on here at Amazon:

Watchdog: a WatchDog Pro 2 will cost you $20. If your rig gets stuck or there’s an unstable connection with the internet, it will help you reboot your rig.

The total cost of building your rig as recommended is around $720 plus the GPUs. If your choice is the NVIDIA 3060Ti, those are at least $400 for each, so one rig should cost around $3,920.


If you plan on mining with multiple rigs, controlling software such as Awesomeminer would be a good addition. If not, you can just use Claymore or PhoenixMiner.

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