The top real estate technology tools today include social media, websites, predictive analytics, CRM (customer relationship management), transaction management software, voicemail drops, ringless voicemail, and drones. Tech tools for real estate agents are well embraced as they are one of the ways to sell a house quickly.

According to Real Estate in a Digital Age 2019, social media yields the best leads for realtors followed by multiple listing services (MLS) and brokerage websites (29%). The most used social network is Facebook (97%) and LinkedIn (59%). Below is some more information on the top real estate agent marketing tools.

Real Estate Technology Tools
Real Estate Technology Tools


Over 90 percent of real estate firms use websites as their main marketing platform. Technology has brought about many marketing ideas for home builders.

Modern real estate websites use a tool called web IDX. Features like videos, photos, and written content are used as marketing tools for heightened engagement with buyers. Pictures and videos for expansive properties are now shot from drones.

Information Technology

Smartphones and laptops are the best tools for real estate agents. Smartphones have apps that agents use daily in their work such as GPS, Email, and messaging apps. They are essential tools for real estate agents as they attend to increasingly digitally savvy and well-informed buyers.

The internet is another realtor technology that maximizes the ability to compare listed homes using defined features. Real estate agents use online searching to enhance the property search experience of the buyer and address specified requirements

Real Estate Technology Tools
Real Estate Technology Tools


The most essential software used in real estate is Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and electronic contracts/forms to ensure smooth transactions of buying and selling property.

Predictive analytics is the analysis of data to give realtors hindsight, insight, and foresight used in business decision making. Predictive analytics helps buyers and sellers to make informed decisions and accurately price their homes using available empirical data.

CRM on the other hand is a database tool and a lifeline for the estate agent. CRM has many features and tools. For instance, tracking customers and keeping data about their requirements is a function CRM. CRMs with add-ons such as website templates, transaction management tools, email campaigns, and the ability to integrate with your social media accounts tend to work better for top real estate agents.

Real estate agents use software for efficient data management, workflow automation, and better financial management. The software can be used to automate sales and purchase, maintenance, and accounting. There are benefits of hiring a property management company but there is a rise in the use of property management software. Such software can effectively manage tenants and buyers, track leases, record and reconcile payments, calculate brokerage, and list vacant properties on websites and third-party portals.

There are so many real estate technology tools in the market that you can get overwhelmed by them. What a real estate agent requires is to focus on a few tech tools that will meet the demands of their business

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