4 Apps to Cool Down Your Android This Arizona Summer


4 Apps to Cool Down Your Android This Arizona Summer

Just kidding—if you live anywhere in Arizona, these apps will be useful almost year-round.

Whether you’re hanging out by the pool, going for a hike, or cruising around downtown on your bike, you’ll always run the risk of your smartphone overheating in the sun. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t made it possible just yet to manually reduce your iPhone’s temperature. But Android owners may rejoice—with these four apps, you can cool down your smartphone in a snap.

Coolify runs in the background, ensuring 24/7 that your device won’t overheat. In order to keep your Android within normal operating temperature, Coolify shuts down unneeded applications and reduces the usage of system resources. This also provides Android users with a smoother gaming experience (if you’re into that). Coolify displays your device’s current temperature in the status bar toward the top of the screen, so you can monitor your phone’s cooling progress while you use other apps.

Cooler Master
Perhaps the most popular phone-cooling app on the market, Cooler Master detects which apps contribute most to your device’s overall temperature, then offers to shut them down. With its simple one-tap cool-down feature, Cooler Master closes all relevant apps to save energy and initiate a drop in temperature. The app offers a comprehensive line graph displaying the device’s past and current temperatures so you know when a certain program is turning up the heat.

EaseUS CoolPhone
CoolPhone helps you “keep cool and carry on.” Easily the most user-friendly option, CoolPhone allows users to save custom cooling modes. Users can also automate CoolPhone entirely by authorizing the app to close out disruptive apps on its own and stop prompting the user to select a Wi-Fi network. Want to change the color of the app’s interior? You can do that, too.

Master Doctor
Like the rest, Master Doctor detects device-heating apps and shuts them down to cool your phone. The app displays CPU usage both overall and for individual applications. With one tap, you can shut down all disruptive apps; you can also choose to close out just the ones you no longer need.

Stay cool this summer (or all year long) with any of these four Android-cooling apps. What apps help to cool your devices in the Arizona heat?


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