7 Awesome Valley Co-working Spaces


The Department

Carved from an old downtown department store, The Department lives up to their name by bringing together a wide variety of businesses with one common goal: doing good. The handcrafted modern furniture compliments polished concrete floors and wooden structures, making The Department’s interior a clean yet wholesome place to work. Members enjoy access to fully-equipped conference rooms, high-speed wireless internet, designated mailboxes, standing desks, phone equipment, printing, and free coffee from Cartel across the street.


Set within an “architecturally ‘cool’ building, Union promises to impress clients while providing a stylish and peaceful setting in which to work. Each member receives a dedicated workspace with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows and furnishings made from the highest quality wood and steel. Need a place to conduct meetings, presentations, interviews, and gatherings? Union offers a refined conference room, as well as an optional phone line, a professional mailing address, plotter and notary access, secure Internet, and 24/7 access.


Mod removes distractions entirely so you can maximize productivity and “feel great doing it. Forgot your laptop charger at home? Mod will provide one for you. Need a package shipped to a client? Mod offers complimentary shipping services in-house so you don’t have to make that dreaded trip to the post office. The first of their kind, Mod’s mobile application allows members to order food from their kitchen and coffee bar (then have it delivered anywhere within the workspace), reserve conference rooms, gain access to specific workspaces, and more. They even possess a tiny darkroom for members in need of a power nap—or a quick Xbox session with colleagues.


CO+HOOTS is in the process of expanding, but that doesn’t mean it lacks a reputation. This coworking space is notorious for hosting motivated free thinkers and reaching out to the surrounding community through public gatherings and events, coding workshops for kids, Arizona’s Pro Bono Week, and more. Their membership costs are relatively low, and they’re the perfect spot for up-and-coming Phoenix entrepreneurs—CO+HOOTS consistently helps small businesses grow by providing discounts to local entrepreneurial events and hosting brief business courses. Amenities include showers, “Superman-style private phone call booths, a kitchen, printing, WiFi, and more.


Gangplank is a unique sort of coworking space. Unlike most others of its kind, which charge upwards of $300 for a monthly membership, Gangplank doesn’t require visitors to pay any sort of monetary fee to use the space—they simply request that visitors find the space meaningful and then share that meaning with the community. As such, Gangplank can be thought of more as a way in which to connect with others than a rented office space. Their large communal area offers a wide range of tech hubs, several connected conference rooms, cozy couches, and more. Drop by on Wednesday afternoons (for lunchtime Brown Bag Presentations) or evenings (for the traditional geek’s Hacknight) for the ultimate community experience.


With locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding states, DeskHub is the perfect coworking space for those who frequently travel the western half of the US. Their gorgeous desert views, bright communal atmosphere, and full amenities make DeskHub an inspiring and productive place to work. Businesses who office at DeskHub receive company signage, a stocked kitchen, unlimited conference room use, mail service, and 24/7 access.

The Office Pile

The Office Pile unites vibrant culture and creative thinkers with their colorful décor and overall-casual atmosphere. Made affordable specially for new entrepreneurs, non-profit founders, and scholars, The Office Pile provides countless amenities: storage space, event hosting, office supplies, complimentary refreshments, 24/7 access, catering, free workshops, and more. Their house-made café de olla (Mexican coffee) is guaranteed to keep the workday going even after you start slowing down.

Entrepreneurship, freelancing, and working from home are increasingly popular as the American workforce develops over time. If you’re involved with any of the above (or you just want to shake up your environment for a bit), try one of these stylish coworking spaces—you won’t be disappointed.


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