Arizona’s Greatest Startup Accelerators

Startup Accelerators

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a lonesome journey. Whether you’ve just launched your startup or your company is raking in the dough, the right accelerator can help you network, access valuable mentors, increase sales, and learn real, actionable, and long-lasting advice. Check out the Arizona accelerators below and see if any of them are right for you.


Based in Phoenix, with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, Coplex is a Startup Accelerator that works with non-coding, subject matter expert founders to co-create new and successful tech companies. The Coplex “lean startup” program is designed for the founders who have a strong background, not only in business but in the field that they understand best. Coplex starts with the idea and runs with the concept to take it to revenue in as little as eight weeks with the goal to graduate companies for a seed investment.

Seed Spot

Phoenix Seed Spot is a nonprofit organization aimed at educating and supporting entrepreneurs who seek to accelerate their startups. Their large and flexible space is often used for coworking, extensive workshops, private office work, one-on-one mentorship, and more.

Venture Catalyst

Arizona State University’s Venture Catalyst identifies potential in local startups and donates funding, mentorship, and office space to those who have what it takes. Venture Catalyst is also involved in ASU’s “Spark Tank,” a yearly event during which students pitch startup concepts for capital.


The people at Tallwave in Scottsdale rally around five core values to help design successful businesses: principled accountability, creative hustle, objective optimism, soulful individuality, and agile problem solving. High spirits help business owners create and release unique products to the public.

Big Bounce

Tempe’s Big Bounce positions itself as your brand-new business partner by supporting collaboration and creativity, sharing funding opportunities, providing mentorship, and more.

CEI Gateway

The Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation at Gateway Community College is a comprehensive business center for startup owners. The facility comes complete with office, “wet lab,” manufacturing, and collaborative spaces, accessible by both new entrepreneurs and advisors.


Flagstaff’s Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology lends entrepreneurs and innovators a helping hand. While they do serve as a collaborative workspace, they also host problem-solving programs for business owners of all stages.


MediCoventures’s mission is a simple one: to turn medical ideas into startups. Their two primary duties include acquiring funding for Phoenix medical startups and providing team-building workshops for solopreneurs.

AZ TechCelerator

Like many others of its kind, the AZ TechCelerator in Surprise offers both coworking space (“The Beehive”) and support services for its members. Here, business owners can navigate tasks like acquiring international patents, business licenses, tax information, and more.


Jivemind is a great spot for Glendale musicians. Their space serves as a community workshop where musicians, producers, and hobbyists can practice their art and connect with others.


Northern Arizona University runs LaunchBox, a startup accelerator for current students and alumni. LaunchBox hosts educational workshops, “hackathons,” and NAU Startup Weekend.


Tempe’s MAC6 “advocates capitalism as a force for good” by investing in businesses that seek to make a difference. They host the Leadership Academy, as well as networking events and workshops on increasing ROI.


With a slew of diverse startup accelerators at your fingertips, it’s near impossible to deny the benefits a local incubator could provide your business. How have accelerators helped your startup?


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