ASU startup to provide students with more parking options

    parking options

    ASU students Jonathon Barkel and Scott Fitsimones are changing the way that students park on campus. AirGarage is a service founded in 2016 that allows homeowners to list their unused driveways online to be available for ASU students to pay and park at during their classes.

    AirGarage was created with college wallets in mind. It provides students with a budget-friendly option when it comes to commuting to school. According to their website, Jonathan and Scott decided to create this parking service after realizing what a pain it can be to pay and park on campus.

    “Despite having mastered all things car culture, one of our largest daily struggles is still finding a location to store our two-ton hunk of metal that transports us around. The future that we envision is one in which you don’t have to think about parking. Your car will tell you where the closest open spot is, guide you there, then pay for whatever amount you use—all without you ever having to touch a button. The process is very simple: you search for an available garage, book it, and park until your time is up,” said the founders.

    Anyone with an open garage can list their spot online for free if it is approved by their landlord or HOA. The person who is offering up their space has total control over how often and who their space is being used by. Before a student books online, it must be approved by the owner. Listers will earn extra income every time their spot is booked by a student.

    The price per month for each booking averages on $12-$65 a month depending on its proximity to the main Tempe campus. The company plans on adding the option to have students pay by the hour for the spots, and would be a very useful option to students who only have class once or twice a week.

    Parking passes at the Tempe campus range from $200-$800 dollars a year, depending on the location. AirGarage is able to give students with tighter budgets a more affordable option for getting to class on time, and avoiding any risky towing fees.


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