The Best Field Service Management Software in 2021

    best field service management software
    best field service management software
    In an industry that will push to over $1500 Billion by 2024, having efficient field service management software is critical. Remembering phone calls, checking spreadsheets, reading post-it notes, erasing whiteboards, and reviewing worker’s logbooks at the end of the day isn’t going to cut it anymore. In addition, customers expect a more modern approach when they are dealing with home service companies.
    Fortunately, it’s now possible to manage workers efficiently and live up to the modern customer expectations with field service software – and you can do it all remotely.
    An efficient field service team is one where everyone knows their job, how to do it, and when it
    should be done. Using field service management software will help you automate and streamline
    complex tasks, thus, allowing you and your team to provide excellent customer service. Some software for field service companies will go above your standard functions of streamlining your business operations by helping you improve your online presence. 
    However, with the vast number of software solutions available on the market, choosing the best
    one isn’t easy. We’ve tried to make your work easier by selecting the top seven. We’ll provide
    you a detailed review of each one and how to make the best choice for your business.

    Why Invest In Field Service Management Software

    Along with other things that successful field service companies incorporate into their business, having field service management software will help you get work done faster and automate all your processes. It will also help you to schedule work so that technicians do not accidentally work on the same job at the same
    Some of the excellent field service management software features include automatic email and
    SMS notifications, excellent customer service tools, live GPS tracking, service plans with recurring billing and route optimization.
    Most of these software will also have invoice and payment processing, so you don’t have to use
    many different tools together. Rather than trying to manage all these tools separately, it’s more
    efficient if they are all located within a single tool.
    If you have only one technician or if you’re the only technician, you may not need the most complex field service management software. However, most providers have free trial plans, so trying one out means you lose nothing. Besides, you might find that the tool you choose is worth your investment.


    servgrow field service software

    Servgrow field service software is relatively new to the block but they claim our #1 spot for field service management software by doing a few things that others don’t. Not only does Servgrow perform essential tasks such as automated customer communications, online booking, scheduling and dispatch, automatic payments, recurring billing, time tracking, service plan management and more, but they go a step further by helping you attract customers. 

    In a 6 Billion dollar industry, field service software that helps you get customers has a huge edge and is why Servgrow is our overall #1 software of choice for field service companies.

    Here are some of the features you get with Servgrow:


    1. 360 Job Management
    2. Smart Invoicing
    3. Scheduling and dispatching done in real-time
    4. Automated emails and SMS
    5. Job Reminders and OMW Text
    6. Service Plans and Agreements
    7. Recurring Billing
    8. Instant Bank Deposits
    9. Checklists
    10. GPS Tracking and Optimized Map Routing
    11. QuickBooks sync


    1. Professional Website
    2. Authority signals to help increase rankings
    3. Directory Listings
    4. Review generation and management
    5. Text/Email Marketing
    6. Online Booking
    7. 5 Star Review Videos
    and more…
    Best for Industries:
    Servgrow is an excellent option for any small business needing to streamline their operations, especially if you’re looking to build up your customer base. Plans start at $29 for annual plans and unlike others, come with most of the features. And, you can sign up for Free to try it out first.

    2. JOBBER

    JOBBER is an excellent software as well. It will help you manage your whole team regardless of where you are. Paid options start from $29 for monthly subscriptions. It’s software that serves small-sized businesses in more than 50 industries. In addition, the software is affordable and scalable.
    Jobber can perform essential tasks such as e-booking, invoicing on-site, management of contact, and automatic payments. 
    Some additional features you get with Jobber include:
    1. Tracking of expenses and time
    2. Scheduling and dispatching done in real-time
    3. Automated emails and SMS as well as batch invoicing
    4. Secure self-service client platform to concentrate communication
    5. Customizable notifications for clients and employees
    6. Personalized job forms and checklists
    7. Numerous in-built reporting hubs
    The only downside to Jobber is that the lowest payment plan only has basic features and a single
    user. Once you upgrade to the $99/month plan, you can access automated payments, advanced
    features, e-booking, and GPS tracking.

    3. FieldCode

    This field management software is the best for “pay-per-event pricing.” While most field management software providers charge a monthly fee, FieldCode only charges $2 per event
    when you use the software. You have access to all features and unlimited users. Signing up to use FieldCode is free. This means that you only need to pay for the amount of work that you do rather than paying for monthly subscriptions. You can have as many users as you need, unlike other software that requires you to upgrade your access plan. If your business is seasonal, FieldCode allows you to scale back on usage during the offseason without having to pay for tools and features you aren’t using.

    The software allows you to:

    1. Communicate and connect with your team
    2. Improve, optimize, and automate your processes
    3. Offer positive customer experiences and increase customer satisfaction
    4. Manage and guide your team via process-based structures
    5. Send automated instructions and guidance for the user
    6. Analyze and monitor your team
    By donating to different research organizations committed to advancing green technologies for
    the future, the company plays a big part in ensuring field service management is a carbon-negative industry. The company also manages a tree farm in Zimbabwe.

    4. Housecall Pro

    Housecall provides you with all the features you need to save time, make more money, and impress your customers. It has all the features of field management software you’ll need before,
    during, and after a job.
    Housecall subscription plans for this field management software start at $49 monthly. It allows your customers to make online bookings, make payments, and facilitates recurring payments. More than 15,000 customers use it in North America.
    With Housecall, you have access to
    features such as: 
    1. E-booking and automated notifications for employees
    2. Automated estimates and invoices
    3. Notifications of recurring jobs, assignments, and arrivals
    4. Email and SMS updates for your customers
    5. Seamless communication through employee chat
    6. Real-time dispatch and live GPS
    7. Follow up email and marketing
    8. Instant bank deposits
    9. Check, credit card, and cash payments
    10. Web builder
    11. Detailed reporting and analytics
    12. Live chat
    Upgrading your plan will give you access to more advanced features. The software allows you to
    have additional users for $30 monthly. However, require a plan for more than three users, you
    can upgrade to the Grow plan for $109 monthly.

    5. FieldTrade

    The pricing for this field service software starts at $79/month. It’s specifically designed for commercial services and includes e-scheduling, advanced dispatching, and recurring work management

    Commercial service providers face unique challenges. It is, therefore, essential they choose
    software that allows them to meet their specific needs. This is precisely what ServiceTrade does.

    This field service management software gives you everything you need to streamline all your business operations, such as on-site invoicing, dedicated customer service, and scheduling on one platform. The software has dispatching features with advanced search functions. It also offers simple solutions to scheduling recurring work to reduce travel time. This feature allows users to finish more jobs in a limited

    ServiceTrade gives users the option to optimize routes, view staff locations on a map, and categorize jobs. It’s an excellent tool for your customers and team. The customers on the select plan have access to features on an online self-service platform that allows them to:

    1. Refer to their history
    2. Review proposals and quotes
    3. Check on future appointments
    4. Request for services
    The dashboard is customizable to match your business and website preferences for a unique
    experience. Pricing for ServiceTrade starts at $79 per month for each technician. Compared to
    other field management software, it’s quite pricey, but you get what you’re paying for.

    6. FieldEdge

    With a FieldEdge software and customer relationship hub in a centralized platform, you’ll be able to do more jobs in less time. Pricing is custom and flat rate. The software allows you to assign tasks to technicians and schedule customer invoicing. In addition to all these features, you can access a CRM hub designed for field service providers. It is, therefore, much more than field management software.

    FieldEdge caters to more than 40,000 plumbing, HVAC, and electrical service providers and has
    more than 40 years of experience in the industry. You can, therefore, rest easy knowing you’ve
    got a good company looking out for you. FiledEdge helps business owners, the office team, and technicians maximize their efficiency and increase productivity.

    It offers:

    1. Client management, scheduling, and detailed dispatch dashboard
    2. SMS and email notifications, work orders, notes, and customer info
    3. Paperless invoicing with built-in payment processors
    4. Connection to QuickBooks to allow you to undertake accounting processes while
      eliminating human error.

    FieldEdge allows you to create a custom-built plan that’s specific to your service team and your
    business. With FieldEdge, there’s no need to worry about general plans that don’t cover your business. Pricing for this software isn’t available online, so you’ll have to get in touch with their sales team to receive a quotation.


    Making the transition to field service management software is only a matter of time. As the modern customer evolves, they’ll be expecting modern business technology. Different field service businesses require different needs to streamline business operations, so you might want to try a few before settling down on one for the long haul.
    Our No.1 recommendation for most field service companies is Servgrow. It elevates even higher for someone looking to start a home service company. It carries all the essential features you will need to optimize, streamline, and automate your business, ensuring your customers’ needs are met, and going above and beyond to help you attract new customers. It might not be a perfect fit for all businesses, however, it’s an excellent option for businesses of all sizes. As you try to get through and choose the most appropriate field service management software for your customers, you and your team shouldn’t forget to consider the criteria we’ve discussed in the review article of the best field service management software.


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