FABRIC livens up the Arizona fashion community


    FABRIC, also known as the Fabric and Business Resource and Innovation Center, is located in Tempe and is a product of LabelHorde, a printed directory for Arizona’s fashion community that started back in 2001. FABRIC was born in October of 2016 with the purpose of providing the physical resources that were missing for local designers and brands. FABRIC is the name of the building that acts as the headquarters for the fashion industry in Arizona, where everything is conveniently under one roof.

    This headquarter space is a fashion incubator. It is available for emerging designers and brands who need to develop their product and then manufacture it. FABRIC provides product development, prototyping, and sample-making services with tech packs, micro-manufacturing (production cutting and sewing), sewing studios/maker space, co-working offices, event space, photo studio, and screen printing. Classes, workshops, seminars and other educational services are also available. A directory of all the best Arizona fashion professionals, fashion jobs, event calendar, and vocational training opportunities are offered in the building as well. Many of these services are heavily discounted or even free!

    Angela Johnson, founder of LabelHorde, FABRIC, and AZ Apparel Foundation, said that the idea for FABRIC started when she left her job in the Los Angeles fashion world to come back to her family in Arizona. Upon coming back, she realized that Arizona lacked the resources needed to run a fashion business and be a designer.

    “There were no wholesale fabric vendors, no pattern makers, no pattern graders or makers, and no cutting services or apparel sewing contractors. So, I shut down a perfectly profitable, international business because of the lack of resources and started to brainstorm how I could fix this problem. I decided to start LabelHorde to pull the entire community together in one place,” stated Johnson.

    Soon after this creation, fashion schools and fashion weeks began popping up around the Valley. The growth in the design community was growing, but the resources were still scarce. Regarding this issue, Angela stated that “I knew we needed a building where we could all share resources. My co-founder, Sherri, had a similar story. She was a designer who lived in Arizona. She had to go to LA to find the resources needed to make her clothing. The distance was a big obstacle that eventually led to her closing her business. So we co-founded FABRIC to solve this issue for other designers.”

    The three entities that make up FABRIC are LabelHorde, AZ Fashion Source, and AZ Apparel Foundation. LabelHorde is the Arizona fashion industry directory that lists all of the designers, brands, models, hair and makeup artists, stylists, schools, sewers, and so on. AZ Fashion Source is the no-minimum factory that provides prototype development. AZ Apparel Foundation is where all of the events, educational services, and workshops are held. All three organizations make FABRIC a fashion sanctuary for designers in the area.

    The mission of FABRIC is to provide the knowledge and resources to the community to grow Arizona’s fashion industry. It boosts Arizona economically while at the same time helping nurture small brands and emerging designers who are transitioning from hobby-type businesses to real manufacturing companies.

    FABRIC is open to emerging designers, small businesses, and fashion students.

    Events are frequently happening and can be found by accessing their calendar. They have two amazing events coming up: a Halloween Masquerade Ball in honor of their 1-year anniversary party, and fundraiser for AZ Apparel Foundation in late October. The latter event is their annual Fashion Show that involves over 60 local designers and stylists to celebrate the diverse fashion industry here in the Valley. Details for both will be announced on their website soon!

    Anyone can tour FABRIC and see this fantastic facility by booking an appointment here.


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