Five office design choices to help employees stay focused


In today’s world, staying focused on anything for long periods of time can be challenging. So many things call for our attention, and when we give it, it’s most likely short lived. This applies to the office too.

As workspaces have become more open to encourage collaboration, they’ve also polluted our ability to focus. With lowered walls and office perks, it can be effortless for our focus to wander from our daily work.

How can you help your employees find the balance? Build a holistic approach that includes these five factors: variety, choice, control, legibility, and space to recharge.

1) Variety
Each employee works a little differently. Some can be productive while chatting with their neighbor while others thrive in a quiet space. Design your office to include a mix of areas that accommodate all working styles. Think huddle rooms, quiet zones, and lounge areas.

2) Choice
When you have all of these areas available for your employees, give them the option to choose when to utilize them. Most people have great success when they can plan their work day, deciding when they can be at their open desk or need to hunker down in a private area.

3) Control
Don’t assume you know what your employees need. Instead, give them the power to personalize and adjust their workspace on their own. Give your people the freedom to decorate a workstation or small shared space, or opt for dimmer lighting if your technology supports it.

4) Legibility
Nothing can derail productivity like clutter. A legible and straightforward workplace is one that helps you quickly find colleagues, rooms, supplies and more without first feeling sensory overload or having to walk through a maze to see it.

5) Space to recharge
Even the most productive employees need to take a break every so often. Incorporate areas for social gathering, outdoor enjoyment, and personal wellness in your office. Amenities like a gym or healthy snacks are another way to help employees feel re-energized.

With a well-designed space, ample options and the freedom to move through them, your people will find their flow.


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