The Local Search Association brings MarketingBitz Bootcamp to Phoenix

    MarketingBitz Bootcamp

    Marketing is a part of the entrepreneurial experience that every business owner, regardless of industry or experience level, gets to share. It’s also ever-changing—fifteen years ago, businesses didn’t need to worry about updating their Facebook or Instagram pages regularly, but now you’re at a loss if you don’t. And face it: when you’re fulfilling a hundred different roles within your business, it can be hard to keep up with the times.

    Imagine how convenient it would be, then, to attend a one-day event that effectively brings you up to speed on all the modern marketing techniques. An event that not only provides digital marketing tips from renowned companies, but also offers networking opportunities and priceless strategies that work for any industry. And what if it occurred in the heart of the Valley?

    This March, the Local Search Association (a non-profit representing the local marketing industry) is bringing their MarketingBitz Bootcamp to the Phoenix area. The affordable, one-day event is the perfect place to learn proven marketing strategies from the companies who use them best.

    Why should you go?

    MarketingBitz Bootcamp will occur Wednesday, March 22 at the Glendale Civic Center. After an hour of networking and a brief welcome, the event will get down to business with lectures on developing digital marketing strategies, boosting online visibility, and more. Representatives from Google, Yelp, and YP will share some of the techniques they use to market some of the world’s leading brands. The event schedule includes lunch breaks and an Expo Spotlight, where attendees will get to meet the companies exhibiting at MarketingBitz Bootcamp. An open-audience Q&A session and a giveaway drawing will cap off the event.

    MarketingBitz Bootcamp is ideal for entrepreneurs learning to market their businesses online. Marketing experts will discuss paid versus organic social media strategies, email marketing, building a loyal customer base, and managing online reputation.

    At only $75 per person, MarketingBitz Bootcamp is already a shockingly affordable option for entrepreneurs and marketers who’d like to build upon their current skills and strategies. But as a TechAZ reader, you get 50 percent of the original ticket price, bringing a day full of invaluable knowledge and networking down to just $37.50 per person. Simply use the promo code “TECHAZ” at checkout.

    We hope to see you there!


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