Phoenix-based company Fullbay to take top prize in recent Venture Madness Competition

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    The recent Venture Madness competition proved to be yet another smashing success. While every competitor put up a fantastic fight, it was Phoenix-based Fullbay, a heavy-duty shop management software, to take the top prize.

    26 startups pitched in four categories, each category winner taking home ten thousand dollars. The four winners then gave a final pitch, and Fullbay was awarded the additional ten thousand grand prize.

    The following categories winners were:

    1. The Software-as-a-Service Scale finalist, Fullbay.

    2. The Deep Tech finalist, Seek, an augmented reality content sharing platform.

    3. The Hardware Tech finalist was the Phoenix-based startup, Swift Coat, manufacturers of nonparticle coatings.

    4. The Software-as-a-Service Launch finalist was Janiis, a vacation rental property management software.

    This was the fifth year that Venture Madness has taken place. 2018 made this competition one for the books! The companies that applied for Venture Madness this year raised over forty-two million dollars from the combination of friend and family contributions, grants, investors, and founder cash.

    The 26 presenting companies raised over twenty-five million dollars before the start of the conference.

    Additionally, more than 30 total Venture Capitalists attended, with 25 of them being outside of Arizona. They represented over 4.5 billion in capital that is actively being invested.

    Keep an eye out for all of the amazing things that these companies will be doing this year, and make sure to attend Venture Madness in 2019– you won’t want to miss it!


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