Storage-tech company Callbox opens new location in Phoenix

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    Dallas-based storage-tech company Callbox opened its first location in Phoenix earlier this summer. The 80,000-square-foot, climate-controlled storage facility is located close to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

    Callbox is more than just another standard storage facility, though – the company asks customers to pack their items into boxes, but that’s where their work ends. Callbox picks up the boxes from customers’ homes, transports them to the facility and loads them into the rented room. And if even packing is too much, the “storage professionals” can do that also for a $50 per worker fee.

    Most Phoenicians are likely already sold on the idea of not having to move boxes and pack trucks in the desert heat, but Callbox doesn’t stop there. The company also creates a photo inventory of each customer’s items and loads it into an app. Customers then can choose whatever subjects they’d like to take out of storage from the app, and Callbox locates the items and delivers them. Mostly, customers never have a reason to visit the storage space.

    Storage options smaller than a full home come with a minimum three-month contract, while full homes and larger come with six-month contracts. Customers receive one pick up or return every 30 days for regular-sized items for free, but there are extra fees for more frequent trips or large things that require two people to move.

    There are a variety of storage options, ranging from a small cubby to a space big enough to fit items from a three-bedroom home. Interested customers can enter their zip code on the website and select the size they’re looking for to get an estimated price. Users who need a custom solution can call the company to discuss options.


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