Swiss Cybersecurity Firm Moving to Phoenix


Now, even international companies are eager to move to Phoenix.

Kudelski Group, a cybersecurity firm from Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, announced this week that it plans to establish a second headquarters in Phoenix. The firm’s presence in the US will help to offset the effects of the Swiss franc, which is building value. A Phoenix HQ will allow the Kudelski Group to report its financial information in US currency beginning in 2017.

Though the Group was once able to generate most of its business from Switzerland and Europe, times have changed. Most of its market now exists in the US, and the firm’s CEO, André Kudelski, thinks Phoenix is a good checkpoint from which to reach its most crucial sectors. Arizona is also close enough to other technology hubs (did someone say Silicon Valley?) for the move to make sense. In a report to AZ Big Media, Kudelski names “business-friendly environment, developed infrastructure, and access to highly-skilled professionals” as key factors that influenced the Group’s choice. “Opening a second Kudelski Group headquarters in Phoenix will provide the Group with better access to the world’s largest market and will enable us to serve more effectively our existing and future customer base in the Americas.”

Representatives from the Greater Phoenix Economic Council are thrilled to welcome the Kudelski Group to Phoenix. “The growing presence of innovative and tech-based companies in the Greater Phoenix region cannot be underscored,” President and CEO Chris Camacho said in a release. “The region’s large, skilled workforce and supportive business community make an attractive place for businesses to operate. I want to thank Governor Ducey, our partners at SelectUSA, the Arizona Commerce Authority and the City of Phoenix for their coordination in making this a reality; and I welcome the Kudelski Group to Greater Phoenix and look forward to their growth.”

As Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton points out, the move isn’t only great for Arizona’s tech scene—it will also generate quality jobs within the community. “This is a multinational company choosing to create a US headquarters in Phoenix, which just shows how important it is for companies to connect with a community,” said Mayor Greg Stanton. “The Kudelski Group and Greater Phoenix made a connection that will create incredible opportunities for our skilled workforce. But just as importantly, their employees relocating from Switzerland will find a welcoming home here with new friends eager to help them make an impact in our community.”

The Kudelski Group’s second headquarters will reside at the corner of 40th Street and Camelback. Though the firm plans on using just 30,000 square feet at first, they hope to expand in the future. The Kudelski Group will hire between 200 and 350 high-wage positions out of Phoenix long-term.


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