Tempe tech startup Prospectiy.io plans for expansion


    Prospectify, a Tempe based company from the Techstars cohort, announced in a press release this past Monday that they have successfully raised $1 million dollars in seed funding. This investment was led by Geekdom Fund from San Antonio, as well as Arizona Tech Investors and other strategic angel investors. The Techstars cohort is a global ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs build great businesses, making it a great group for startups like Prospectify to be a part of. Through the Tech Startup Accelerator Program, companies are able to raise startup funding and gain critical insight that will help to launch their business. The Techstars cohort was successfully able to help Prospectify raise their $1 million dollars in seed funding, just as they have helped many other startups before them.

    Prospectify is receiving this funding just 13 months after gaining their first customer, and they have exciting plans for growth and adding value to their clients.

    Prospectify.io is a tool for intelligently automating the B2B prospecting process by helping salespeople find the right contacts with the right companies; and shows users unique information not found on the web.  Their tool saves clients time and money by allowing them to spend more time with prospects who are going to close. It is efficient for entrepreneurs to be able to spend their time on likely prospects, rather than spending days or weeks at a time searching for people who might not ever close a deal.

    The “Prospectify Promise” claims to create greatly targeted B2B lead lists and personalized outreach campaigns in a matter of minutes. With this tool, clients no longer have to fear losing out on prospects. Prospectify effortlessly links with existing sales tools so a lead is never missed. With this easy to use tool, clients have a great advantage when seeking prospects.

    “This capital will allow us to expand our team as we continue innovating within the industry,” co-founder Noah Spirakus says. Prospectify, after releasing their MVP about a year ago, now has more than 100 clients across the U.S, and has reached clients internationally in Europe, Latin America, and Canada. Every single one of the clients gained was through word of mouth, and using the very tool they created.

    This growth is not just about expansion, but personal growth for the founders of Prospectify. “Noah and I are still solving problems we faced throughout various stages of our careers,” Ekstrom said. “We’re thrilled that we’re able to bring our solution and future innovations to a broader market helping other B2B sales professionals spend more time selling by providing accurate, actionable data.”

    This six-employee startup is expecting to hire several new employees to their team, specifically in marketing, sales, and engineering. On top of expanding their team, Prospectify hopes to use the money earned to land more clients and offer new products.

    “We also plan to move deeper into company intelligence eventually to the point of being able to suggest more custom sales strategies to our customers based on what’s happening in their pipelines even down to the individual rep level,” co-founder Matt Ekstrom stated in his press release. This new plan will help the clients close deals more efficiently, and with even greater results.

    Geekdom Fund co-founder and managing director, Michael Girdley, will be proudly joining Prospectify’s board. “The customer demand in the B2B space for what they’ve built and plan to build is extremely encouraging, and we’re ecstatic to partner with them” said Girdley.

    This investment in Prospectify will surely help the company soar.


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