The Best Coffee Shops in Phoenix for Getting Stuff Done

Coffee Shops in Phoenix

You no longer have to travel to iconic coffee destinations like Portland and Seattle to immerse yourself in that warm, cozy feeling as you work between sips. Instead, the food and beverage industry has found its way to Phoenix, bringing with it a slew of impressive cafes. Whether you’re in town for a conference or you’ve lived in the Valley your whole life, these coffee shops are bound to help you put in those hours alongside a delicious espresso buzz.

The Henry Coffee Bar: XV
Attached to a restaurant decorated with antiques and reminiscent of your grandmother’s living room, The Henry’s coffee bar is the perfect place to get your work done in sophisticated style. Don’t let the building’s crowded full-service area deter you—while The Henry began as a brunch-n-lunch restaurant, it’s now home to a delightful coffee bar and a banquet-style study room. Enjoy sunlit marble tables and a small communal workspace to the right of the coffee bar, or if you’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet, get cozy in the open room next door. The Henry’s handcrafted espresso beverages and stylish atmosphere are guaranteed to keep you comfortable while you work.

Lux Central
Hip, nonchalant, and artistically worn-down, Lux Central is an unexpected yet perfect place to work. Its maze-like structure and mismatching décor tricks the eye into thinking this café is anything but serene, but in reality, it’s a go-to for countless work-from-home locals. The main space offers warm lighting, eclectic design, and indie-alternative music; the room just behind it provides a cooler, quieter atmosphere and spacious coworking tables with plenty of outlets. Finally, a third “secret” room, painted black with very little décor, provides the ultimate hideaway for those who need to get stuff done in a pinch. Lux’s variety of homemade pastries, coffees, teas, meals, and 21-and-over refreshments help to keep you going when you’re in it for the long haul.

Be Coffee + Food + Stuff
Be Coffee’s bright and upbeat atmosphere is great for those who need an extra boost. A majority of their seating comes from a communal picnic table in the middle of the café, under which a long outlet strip lies; the rest comes from a cozy couch, a couple of buttery leather chairs, and a few mini tables. Beware: this isn’t your typical quiet and tranquil café-slash-workplace; instead, visiting Be feels more like a productive meeting with friends. With 80s hip hop playing overhead and baristas who remember your name after a single visit, Be’s positive energy brightens up even your gloomiest workdays. If you end up truly loving Be, MonOrchid exists upstairs, providing members with extra thinking space and coffee discounts.

Giant Coffee
It seems as though Giant Coffee was made for the worker on the go. With tiny counter booths, a long picnic table, and a few traditional two-seaters (all complete with nearby outlets, of course), the café comes with a variety of options for getting comfy and getting stuff done. Its sleek, contemporary décor allows for an atmosphere that promotes creative thought and productivity. Because Giant Coffee was founded by the owners of Matt’s Big Breakfast, the café’s beverages and pastries are especially tasty. Stop by to soak in the warm Phoenix sun as you sip on a coffee beyond Giant’s wide windows and accordion doors.

First Draft Book Bar
Meeting with colleagues, interviewees, or business partners? First Draft Book Bar offers a wide selection of refreshments and snacks for the busy worker bee (and their picky pals). Set on the west end of the Changing Hands Bookstore, First Draft provides readers, writers, and everyone in between a quiet place in which to get stuff done. As long as a storytelling meeting, slam poetry event, or book reading isn’t going on in their mini banquet room, you’ll have no problem at all finding the perfect place to settle in.

Ditch the office sometime this week in favor of a local café. Who knows—the change in atmosphere and caffeine buzz may be enough to boost your productivity!


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