Are Fountain Pens Worth it? (Read This First)

are fountain pens worth it

Fountain pens are known to be fancy, and these are undoubtedly a significant upgrade from the usual school or office pen everyone is used to. Buying fountain pens can be expensive, but are fountain pens worth it? Is it worth choosing between ballpoint or fountain pens?

What motivated you to purchase a fountain pen? A number of reasons can be given, ranging from reducing wastes caused by disposable pens, having a sturdy pen that can last a lifetime, or rewarding yourself with a timeless gift. Whatever the reason may be, it boils down to asking yourself, “Are fountain pens worth it?”

Fountain Pen vs Ballpoint Pen

We live in a world where cloud computing is a norm, and it is seldom that we find solace in vintage stuff. The nostalgia that it gives you when owning a fountain pen is palpable, as you get a glimpse of how your grandparents used to write before. This vintage vibe is something that couldn’t be found in ballpoint pens that are easily bought and disposed of.

Fountain pens also suit long writing sessions, as they provide a good grip. Fountain pens are not just about being fancy — as they are designed for visual appeal, quality, and practicality. You will just need to make sure you clean your fountain pen often.

are fountain pens worth it

At the end of the day, ballpoint or fountain pens are both functional, so why choose? You’ve heard of stories where fountain pens were passed from one generation to the other. Unlike ballpoint pens that are disposable and prone to getting damaged because of the low-cost material used, fountain pens are sturdy and can last a lifetime when cared for properly. In general, this is why fountain pen is better than ballpoint.

Fountain pens are the go-to pen for business executives such as those in Arizona’s top startup accelerators management. Any executive who can name flexible lease options for tech companies can also tell you right away why fountain pen is better than ballpoint pen. It’s about keeping things classy and professional, as fountain pens are long-known to be symbols of elegance and high standards.

With these arguments, you already know the better choice when asked about fountain pen vs ballpoint.

Why Fountain Pens Are Expensive

Everyone knows that fountain pens are expensive. To save for just one pen, you need to miss out on a few lunches or cups of coffee in some of the best coffee shops. Anyone who is into collecting expensive fountain pens is willing to make these sacrifices, especially when they already have their new fountain pen on hand.

Looking at the exquisitely crafted shape and material, you’ll know you made the right choice in making the purchase. Purchasing expensive fountain pens in the traditional way or through online shopping is also one way of rewarding yourself for a milestone in your life such as a graduation or work promotion.


Many fountain pens are sold in special or limited editions, making them a rare find. It’s one of the reasons why fountain pens are expensive. Owning a limited edition pen makes the purchase more meaningful and precious. You can take pride in the fact that you are the owner of a fountain pen that is difficult to find elsewhere. To top it off, the swirled acrylic or beautiful writing you can do is something that gives a sense of accomplishment in owning a fountain pen.

Once you already own one, you need to do your research and learn how to take care of your pen and what inks you can use with it. Are fountain pens worth it? Definitely. As you immerse yourself into this hobby, you can appreciate the experience more as it is uncommon to find a large number of people who use fountain pens nowadays. This makes owning and using a fountain pen truly special.


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